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Phoenix born from burning coals of favourable west winds. Zephyr

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Epic, decent, characteristic. Choose one of our unique lanyards designed by local artists.

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Don't stare...


Products proudly manufactured in Czech Republic by local artists and pricks. Legitimate e-shop 101.


For those, who don't know us that first sentence must've been like "WTF, are these guys making fun of me?"


Yes, a bit. Nowadays peaple are faking a lot of things, every person sitting behind a PC, bar, table, steering wheel is unbelievably serious. But what is it good for? We believe in humanity, that people won't get offended the first chance they get and that sometimes in the handmade craft some patience is needed. From the customer and from our side too.


We decided to resurrect old traditions like being on the frist name terms but also today forgotten art of manufacture.


How often and how long have you admired a ceramic cup from the mall? Have you seen all the hands, that made it, eyes and thoughts that judged it? Or you just felt cold feeling of steel of well lubricated machine? We decided for something else. In Valravn Crafts it is different than going to work in exact time, assembling screws, polishing plates, pressing buttons or any other work bordering on human dignity.


Every member of Valravn Crafts takes care of one or more crafts, therefore the whole product is made only by him alone. From the cutting of the wood, sawing it, turning it, polishing it, packaging it and sending it to customer. That is why behing every product you can see one pair of hands, one pair of eyes and one mind and know that what you're holding is a true original.


Every product we release, we test for at least a year. We make umcountable number of prototypes and we choose the best material. We want to strive for better in our products and in ourselves to be proud of what we've made.


And so, dear reader, if you managed to read to this point, I salute you! Please don't hesitate and taste a little bit of Valravn Crafts ecosystem.





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